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ROS1 examples

1. For launch SLAM example:

roslaunch hamster_launch prokit_slam_2d.launch

To visualize output run rviz and output topics:

/map - 2D map

/agent<your_agent_number>/scan - 2D scan

/agent<your_agent_number>/camera/depth/color/points - point cloud

Example image below

Slam2D rviz.png

2. For launch wandering example:

roslaunch hamster_launch prokit_wandering.launch

Wandering with obstacle avoidance will start automatically.

3. For launch detection example:

roslaunch hamster_launch prokit_detection.launch

To see picture with detection use standard ros plugin: rqt_image_view

NOTE: In case no input from camera - reconnect USB realsense D435i

/agent<your_agent_number>/openvino_toolkit/images - topic to see detection

To control robot drive/steering use /agent1/ackermann_cmd topic.

Optionally you can publish through rqt standard ROS program:

Open new terminal, make source to ros1:


Run rqt:


Run plugins->topics-message publisher, use UI interface and hints

Rqt s.png

More detailed about ROS rqt:


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