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Lynx is an R&D outdoor robot with all-terrain capabilities.

Our Lynx come with Nimbus already on board.

It fully supports ROS and Nimbus and arrives with the necessary sensors for off-road autonomy. Start your outdoor journey using Lynx and Nimbus and you will develop and monitor your robot anywhere.

Lynx allows you to implement and run R&D for indoor robots with vision-based applications (deep neural network).

It includes the following main sensors:​

  • 2D (360 degree) Lidar
  • Depth camera (Intel's realsense D435i)
  • IMU (inside the depth camera)

Computational power:

  • AAEON's BOXER-8240AI (AGX Xavier)


Weight: 60 Kg

Max speed: 40 Km/h

Long lasting battery

Over 120 Kg payload

Lynx is an R&D autonomous all terrain vehicle (ATV) capable of powering, carrying and interfacing various payloads.

Lynx is capable of powerful computations, including Mapping (SLAM), Localization, Path Planning, Exploration, Waypoint Driving, Obstacle Avoidance and classification using HW supported VPU - all running on board the robot.

For outdoor environments, Lynx is equipped with GPS, a motor encoder and an IMU which enables high location accuracy and PID control for travelling at up to 40 km/h.

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