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System Level ROScube Pico Flashing Image

Set ROScube Pico into recovery mode

a. Connect power cable to ROScube Pico.

b. Short Pin 03 and Pin 04 and hold short status.

c. Keep Pin 03 and Pin 04 short status and press Reset button.

d. Release Short pins and pull out cable.

Now ROScube Pico is in recovery mode.

Connect Host PC and ROScube Pico with micro usb cable

Prepare released image on Host PC

Here you can download image for ROSCUBE

Assuming image’s file name is mfi_npn2_nvidia-sample-rootfs-bionic_l4t-32-5-0-kernel-1-0-8.tar.xz. Un-archive this file first.

1 $> tar xvf mfi_npn2_nvidia-sample-rootfs-bionic_l4t-32-5-0-kernel-1-0-8.tar.xz
2 $> cd mfi_npn2_nvidia-sample-rootfs-bionic_l4t-32-5-0-kernel-1-0-8

Then, use BSP internal tool, to run the flashing procedure. Please make sure your Host PC has attached to ROScube Pico.

1 $> cd mfi_rqp_nx
2 $> sudo ./

Note: You may need to input your host PC’s root password when flashing the image.

Note: The flashing procedure might take 8 ~ 10 minutes.

Boot Jetson Xavier from M.2 NVMe SSD

The basic idea of these steps is to copy rootfs from SD/emmc to SSD. After the system has loaded the image from SD/emmc, the boot process will be transferred to SSD. This is how you can make Xavier to boot from SSD. But remember, if you are using Xavier NX, you still need SD card plugged in order to boot the device cause NX doesn’t allow you to boot directly from SSD.

Format the SSD you have installed

Install your and SSD and boot, then open the menu and search disk.

Launch the disk app, then you’ll see this.

In example size is a 240 GB SSD. The size of your Partition 3 depends on the SSD you installed. Then press ctrl + F to start formatting your SSD.

When you see this, click Format to continue. Then you’ll get a 240 GB free space.

Now let’s create Partition

Choose the size of your main partition. We suggest you to leave 16 GB for swap file.

Give your volume a name. Then click Create. Then you’ll see this coming.

Now you have successfully created a volume, but it’s not mounted yet. Let’s mount it using shell command. Jetsonhacks have already integrated those commands into a shell script. Let’s run it to make Xavier boot from SSD.

Copy the rootfs from SD card to SSD

First of all, you need to clone the project.

1 $> git clone
2 $> cd rootOnNVMe

Then copy rootfs file to your SSD.

1 $> ./

Enable booting from SSD

You need to run.

1 $> ./
2 $> sudo reboot