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AAEON Pro Kit support page

Charger LLC Battery rev2.jpg ProKitLLC.png

Landing page

3rd party things need to know to work with kit

  • ROS2 general information: ROS2
  • RVIZ - instrument for visualization: RVIZ

Kit prerequisite (not included in the kit)

  • Lipo battery with T connector 7.4V 2 cell.
  • Battery charger

1. Connecting all parts within the kit

  • Use the LLC cable (in the picture) to both monitor and charge the battery
 * Port 8 can be used to charge the Lipo Battery
 * Port 9 should connect the the Lipo battery balancer (JST connector)
 * Port 7 should connect to the LLC board 
 * Red T connector (rightmost on the picture)
  • Connect the Up Squared board to the LLC as shown in the picture
 * TX/RX should be connected to GPIO ports
 * Power should be connected through DC connector
  • Connect the MX2 wifi module
  • Connect the two WIFI antennas using the SMT connector to the integrated chip
  • Connect the Movidius chip using the PCI connector
  • Connect the D435i camera to a USB3 Port using the cable

Note: Camera D435i must be already updated with latest firmware and have calibrated IMU. Visit official site for more information.

2. Run installation script

Internet connection requires

sudo wget -O - | sudo bash

Reboot board after installation.

3. Configure ROS IP

Configure IP for ROS applications:

pico hamster.config in home directory

Edit row with your board IP:

export HAMSTER_IP=your_IP

4. Launch examples

NOTE: examples work properly just with full-connected kit, be sure you did step 1 from this page.

To run examples in ROS run command:



To run example in ROS2 run command:




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