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High level overview of the HamsterAPI

  • HamsterAPI is a high level API used to communicate with the Hamster Robot. It is not installed by default in the current version although it might become standard in future versions.
  • The API sits on top of ROS and enables to code without any ROS knowhow by using simple method calls available from within the Hamster class. Hence, the Hamster API allows to work with the ROS framework and all it's components without the need to install ROS or any ROS related dependencies.
  • The Hamster API serves as a bridge to the ROS framework installed on the Hamster and enables to access data related to the Hamster vehicle such as sensor data, maps, and localization information.
  • The Hamster API supports both C++ and Java

Hamster Client Server Architechture


Hamster Client Server Architechture with Simulation and ROS bag


  • Bag file recoreded: Records chosen messages by subscribing to a ROS topic. Configured from within the ROS framework with $rosbag.
  • The Gazebo client displays actual 3D view simulation.
  • The Gazebo Server is connected ro ROS and runs the simulation updaing the Gazebo Client.

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